About me

I'm glad you made it here and you want to know more about me and my music. 

My name is Numa and I'm a music producer since 2015, the year I received my first Macbook. All started with the basics of simple beats made in Garage Band. I soon noticed that I needed a more advanced program, which would allow more possibilities. My inspiration have been artists that put their emotion in their music, like Avicii and Kygo. From there on I wanted to create something like my own vibe.


Back in the day, without any money to buy an expensive software, I was lucky to have friends that could crack the desired program from the internet (don't worry, now I have the license for all of my software…)

Nevertheless, once I started exploring the world of mixing and mastering, I immediately knew that producing music is one of the most incredible feelings.
5 years and over 200 projects later in 2020 I showed my tracks to some friends. As they saw much potential in my songs, they asked me why I don't release my music on streaming platforms and collaborating with other artists. Although,  I never had the intention to be a musician or to become famous, I started to feel more confident about what I've been doing since so many years. So I decided to make my music accessible for everyone & I must say it is a very nice feeling to share it with you!